About us

Varilla sp. z o.o. is a company owned solely by Polish shareholders. We design and create alternative solutions for the broadly-understood construction industry. We have a technologically advanced production line that enables full control of all phases of manufacturing a product and guarantees the highest, repeatable quality.


We offer reinforcement bars of various diameters (from 4 to 22 mm), which we manufacture by means of pultrusion method from glass fibre with epoxy resin. Thanks to our unique production technology, the bars:
demonstrate high tensile strength
are resistant to corrosion
are very light
are resistant to chemicals
are non-magnetic and dielectric
are resistant to temperature changes

Why is it worth it?

Reduced costs of transport, maintenance and purchase of necessary material
Easy operation and high aesthetic value, thanks to reduced weight and thicknesses of elements
Corrosion resistance and a long service life even in aggressive environments


Road and bridge infrastructure
Prefabricated reinforced concrete elements
Maritime, port and aviation infrastructure
Power generation facilities
Residential, industrial and agricultural construction
Healthcare and military facilities


Contact us and learn about other benefits of applying  Varilla’s products in your projects. We invite business partners from the whole EU to join us in cooperation.